Smoothie, Red Cabbage with Oats

On your Slow Juicer in the “Smoothie”  Mode, Juice the following ingredients (you can also use a mixer):

A piece of Red Cabbage / Un pezzettino di Cavolo Rosso

1/2 Pear / 1/2 Pera

A Cup of Water with Oatmeal / Un bicchiere di Acqua con Fiocchi di Avena messi a mollo

2 Spoons of Goji Berries / 2 Cucchiai di Bacche di Goji

2 Spoons of Blueberries / 2 Cucchiai di Mirtilli

A Hand of minced Flax Seeds / Una Manciata di Semi di Lino macinato

This Smoothie is great as Breakfast. Once the Smoothie is ready add Chia Seeds and wait 10 minutes before drinking. Enjoy!

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