Style Disaster

I had a “tragic-comic” experience last week that I am thrilled to share with you. When we shop for shoes we, fashion lovers, usually fall in love with these fantastic designs, heels, leather, colors and yeah…Ribbons! We think that everything that we love will be just perfect for us…Well my dear fashion lovers…not everything that shines is gold. I bought 4 years ago those beautiful chic white shoes with a lovely leather huge ribbon on the tip of the shoe. I was wearing the shoes when I left my 8 months old Aurora on her push chair and I was walking to the kitchen when the heel of my right foot got stuck in the cavity of my left huge lovely leather ribbon. The result? Composed fracture of my left elbow…and luckily I wasn’t carrying my daughter on my arms. The funny thing of this story, is that last week I found by chance these lovely shoes that I classified somewhere on my wardrobe since then. Guess what I did? The shoes are so lovely that of course after 4 years without wearing them I said to myself that this time I will be more careful. Ok now you can Guess what happened: I was walking in my home with my precious shoes when this stupid heel got stuck AGAIN in the stupid cavity of my same left shoe! PAFF! The fall was extremely violent and I broke the same elbow that I broke 4 years ago…the Result? I have to carry for 2 weeks this uncomfortable plaster AGAIN. I don’t think I need to describe all the problems that this is bringing to me don’t you? I am working, writing, organizing everything with one hand! Most of the time Fashion Brands bring so much happiness to our lives, but they should also bring and insure safety for us. Ribbons are lovely, but if they are larger than the shoe’s perimeter it can bring dangerous risks to our health…we women don’t walk like ducks! The issue here is that people behind Fashion Brands should have a higher consideration on their consumers and make some design usage tests before launching any new design on the market. Quality control is not enough…specially if we talk about shoes. Fashion Brands should Stop sending unhealthy messages to the market. Please Stop using anorexic models in your fashion shows…women want to be healthy! Please Stop using unhealthy synthetic materials and dyed poorly made in your designs that can give us serious skin problems…women want to have a healthy skin! THANK YOU.


Fashionable Plaster

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