PRESS RELEASE: “Deborah Realini goes to Web Summit Dublin 2015 with”

Deborah Realini (Monza-Italy), founder & CEO of was chosen among thousands of International Startups to be part of the Alpha Class, the programme where you’ll find the most promising startups from across the World at the Web Summit in Dublin 2015. is the Online Destination for a Conscious Lifestyle and a new way to make innovative alliances with Startups and Entrepreneurs in the Food & Wine, Eco Sustainable Fashion, Safe Cosmetics and Wellness industries with only One Click away.  Whatsinmylife’s Core values are based on Gratitude and Love as the bases to conduct a Coherent Lifestyle respecting Others and our Environment: “We promote a New Lifestyle by developing New Luxury Concepts into a New Business Model”.

Whatsinmylife is focused on promoting and introducing on its Online Diary and Concept Store soon to be launched Gastronomic Chefs, Food Companies, Fashion Designers and Safe Cosmetic Brands coming from all around the World as long as they share same Values and Vision. On Food Category, Whatsinmylife aims on elevating to a Gastronomic Level the concepts of Food Therapy with the objective of allowing people to experience Wellness by Eating. Fashion Category has a strong focus on developing Chic Elegant Contemporary Style proposals using always Eco Sustainable Garments or high quality Natural Fibers in order to stimulate a higher consciousness while Shopping. Beauty Category is actually concentrate on scouting for young innovative Safe Cosmetic Brands that doesn’t use synthetical chemicals on their formulations and have proven product effectiveness and performance. Through Wellness Category the main objective is to promote and incentivate a new relation between Humans and Nature, integrating Outdoor Wellness Programs, Conscious Traveling and Art contemplation, to get regenerated with the loving Energies that only Nature and Creativity can give to us.

Deborah Realini, 34 years old Mother-Wife-Entrepreneur, has developed a High Consciousness Vision regarding her own Lifestyle. She has achieved  this thanks to her international experience. Her childhood, adolescence and early adulthood she has lived between Burundi, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Switzerland, Turkey and Italy had strongly influence her sensitiveness towards a more Sustainable and Responsible Living. On her professional experience at L’Oreal she has developed skills on the Cosmetic Industry. For the past 10 years she has been living in Italy, where she has discovered and developed strong passions for Gastronomy and Fashion.

“The Online Destination for a Conscious Lifestyle and innovative alliances with Startups and Entrepreneurs in only One Click”

Web Summit 2015

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