Win – Win Shades

“Color choices are Key to deal with our inner Energies and the combination  of Grey, Pink and Nude give the right feel of Solid-Transparence-Softness…a successful balance for Business Women!”

“La scelta dei colori che indossiamo sono fondamentali per gestire le nostre proprie energie, e la combinazione Grigio, Rosa e Nude donna una sensazione di Soffice e Solida Trasparenza…combinazione di successo per le Business Women!”

Coat: Laura Pessina, Made to Measure. Wool.

Shirt: Fabiana Filippi, Pink Silk Stretch.

Pants: Fabiana Filippi, Maxi Grey Pants. Wool.

Earrings: Titti Peggy

Clutch: Titti Peggy, Eco Crocco in Pink.

All the outfit is available at Laura Pessina Boutique, Monza

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