PHILOMENA – The Peruvian Hunter of an Organic World

Trendy  and Beautiful is the work exposed in Philomena boutique , and it’s the demonstration that dreams can become true. With great creativity, Micaela Llosa feeds herself by the love she feels for Peru, her native country. Her inspiration arises traveling and searching in every corner of its towns and cities, observing their environment, rescuing artisans and reflecting about the work done in the past. Captivated by the talent of its people, loving its history and colors, Micaela finally understands how important is the integration of all these abilities to transform her inspiration in first quality products. This is how PHILOMENA was born. An endless search for her designs, scattered in the far reaches of Peru, who daily enrich their potential in art loom, leather and hand embroidery. Her creations with sustainable Eco materials are essential in her assignment, and they are cherished by the finess of Organic Cotton, the softness of Alpaca Wool and the originality of an ancient mastership, that chooses to use natural dyes collected from the Peruvian soil. It’s worth it to know her, understand her and admire her. Thank you Micaela for your great creations!

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