The Lavender, it’s benefits

High up on the sun-drenched plateaus and hills, between heaven and earth all around the mountains of Mont Ventoux in the French Provence, the so called “Olympus of the Poets”, lavender grows in abundance and it lies there in all its majesty.
I couldn’t help being moved by the beauty of these fields.
This herb is known since Roman times for its antiseptic and healing properties for such ails as anemia, indigestion, rheumatism, swelling and contusions. Lavender also stimulates kidneys, helps the evacuation of the bile, cures flatulence and relieves spasms. Those affected with severe lung congestion are often advised to rub lavender oil over their chest to strengthen their lungs. Nowadays, lavender has become the major ingredient in the perfume industry. I was also surprised to learn that lavender growing and beekeeping are closely associated. Beekeepers are often itinerant and will move their apiaries from one site to another depending on the season and the quality of the flowers growing in each field. Lavender honey, a perfumed and very effective tonic, is very popular among honey lovers and has a special place in Provence markets. A “Must” to visit! Enjoy!

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