Organic Soap, from Family tradition to Jaboneria Marianella

photo by Tyler Cheever Gomes

I’ve started a search for Sustainable, Organic and Innovative products around the world to show you as to raise awareness between us and stop destroying the planet.
For my beauty section, I found Jaboneria Marianella. Based in Texas, it’s a line of beauty products created by Nella Febres-Cordero, a Latin designer who learned the technique of making soaps playing with her sisters when they were children. Today with her son David Foote, noted filmmaker based in New York, they have honored the family tradition by creating this stylish line of luxurious soaps, shower gels and minerals. Delicately crafted with meticulous care for high quality they are all produced with no parabens, no synthetic dyes, no EDTA and no sodium sulfate, which are all toxic chemicals not only harmful to our body, but also highly contaminating.
Jaboneria Marianella is rich in fragrances such as jasmine, orange, gardenia, apple, or hyacinth to name a few, and is full of natural oils like coconut oil, rice oil, and Argan oil among others, which give that special softness to your skin.
Their products are both for men and women, called “Rejuvenating and Antioxidant”, in many different kinds where quality and elegance come together.

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