Re thinking Foam with Novafiber

After a long amazing trip to Miami I did last week to scout from new sustainable trends, Today I feel like talking to you about a very interesting brand! I had the chance to meet Patricia, a young entrepreneur who has created a fabulous Brand called Novafiber, along with other 2 co-founders, to recycle old clothes into new revolutionary products!

DR – Hi Patricia, so, whatsinyourlife? 

P.E – In my life there is love, health, hard work and awareness but mostly there is an immense love for nature and planet earth. 

DR – What are the issues about life that really concern you?

P.E. – What concerns me the most is the lack of education about the most important and basic things in life. Also the speed things are moving, people have lost a bit of contact, touch and feel for simple things such as kindness. The anxiety and stress levels created by the system are just leading humanity to the wrong path.

DR – What do you think you can do to change the World? 

P.E – What I can do to change the World is exactly what I am doing which is educating children and adults the importance of thinking and making sustainable decisions on a day to day basis. For example, to recycle, to love and appreciated nature and its flow, most specifically I focus on textile recycling.

DR – What you are really doing to change the World? 

P.E – I created Novafiber to alleviate textile waste from going into landfills. We aim to up-cycle at least 11 millions pounds of textile waste a year by transforming all of into useful products for the construction, furniture and fashion industries among others.

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