An Amazing Day with The Nose of Perris Monte Carlo Perfumes

I am at this moment in a wonderful place in the middle of Nature in Gstaad. All these selvatic flowers, plants, trees and wonderful landscape make me to remember an Amazing Sensorial Experience I had last Sunday: a day with The Nose and founder of Brand Perris Monte Carlo, Gian Luca Perris. The appointment was at his Castle Malaspina in Piemonte where Gian Luca loves to go with his Family and spend time in the middle of the forest feeling and smelling the Nature. During this exclusive event, Gian Luca Perris himself presented all his Perfume Line explaining and smelling all the scents he chose to create each one of his Perfumes. We smell more than 50 different scents, starting from the citrus one, going through the fruity, aromatic and balsamic ones and ending with the animalier. During all this journey, first I learned the best technique to smell so many scents: little short inspirations to avoid blocking the nose. The most interesting thing about this incredible experience was to discover the philosophy behind the Brand: Gian Luca as a passionate “scent hunter”, prizes the origin and the story of every element that will compose a new creation. What differentiates Perris Perfumes from other Brands, is that Gian Luca doesn’t tell a fairy tale to create the Aura of a Perfume…he prefers the real story behind each scent to reconnect the person with Nature. Under this perspective, I literally felt in Love of their essential oil of Roses coming from Taif as well as the one of Patchouli coming from Nosy Be Islands. Rose de Taif Perfume from Brand Perris can show off this magnificent scent produced in Taif, the greenest region of Saudi Arabia where each Rose is collected and count one by one by local hands. The production method of the scent is probably one of the most “manual” method existing nowadays, and this guarantee a fantastic result. The Precious essential oil of Roses from Taif is intense and has a mix of sweet sand and artichoke which gives an unique balance to the overall result when mixed with other scents. On the other hand, Patchouli Nosy Be Perfume from Brand Perris just amazed me. The Essential Oil of Patchouli collected in Nosy Be island is very special. Usually Patchouli plants grow in India and not in Africa. However a local producer brought the Patchouli seeds to Nosy Be and found a perfect environment protected by Ylang Ylang Plants to grow the Patchouli seeds. The result when extracting the essential oil was a very unique scent: softer and sweeter from the one done in India. Probably the Patchouli from Nosy Be has an influence of Ylang Ylang as they are grown by the same earth. This experience has strongly awaken a new sense to me, and thanks to this introduction I enjoy even more to be in the middle of Nature, where all the scents make me live always new amazing experiences…thank you Gian Luca Perris!



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