Beauty Routine for Winter

Good Skin Treatments done during my Summer Holidays gave great results! In fact, until now, my Beauty Routine was basic and essential (take a look here) and did not need any additional products. However, Winter is getting colder and Ski season is arriving soon…and the need to Treat the skin is increasing! All my Beauty Routines are composed with products that have more than 90% of Natural Ingredients into their formulations, so the brands that I discover that are Natural and Performant are just like a treasure for me! Following the Beauty Routine I am applying for this December:

Morning Beauty Routine

  1. Detox Purifying Cleansing Gel from Brand Chenot: This fantastic Gel cleanses, clears and refreshes the skin leaving the skin soft and conditioned. The formulation is enriched with a combination of aromatic waters that eliminate skin impurities and help repair the skin thanks to its anti-bacterial, astringent and softening effects. Apply with hands on humid face making circular 1movements all around the face. Remove with abundant water. Perfect product for oily skin but also suitable for all skin types.
  2. Nutrigen Illuminating Lenitive Toner from Brand Chenot: This Lotion soothes, moisturizes and comforts the skin while restoring the optimal PH skin balance. While most Lotions are liquid, this one is a Spray and you can choose either to apply it with a cotton pad or directly spray all over your face. Suitable for all skin types.
  3. Revitalizing Anti-Age Face Cream from Brand Proglyme: This Cream is a high concentration of Anti-age ingredients: 3% L-Amino Acids + Hyaluronic Acid + Anti Age Complex. It leaves skin lifted, soft and with a beautiful flawless effect at the same time.

Night Beauty Routine

  1. Spa Cleansing Milk from Brand Terme di Saturnia: This is a fantastic Italian Brand (soon available online) formulated with Bioglea, a thermal plankton extract which is a natural biogenic complex that re-establishes natural skin balance.  Enriched with Avocado Oil, this amazing formulation helps to protect and nourish the skin while giving an extremely soft effect. Removes impurities and makeup. Apply on face and neck, remove with a cotton pad and clear with abundant water.
  2. Skin Fitness Peeling Lifting Anti-Age Soft from Brand Perris: High performance natural skin care having 99% of natural ingredients dedicated to dry and sensitive skins. It reactivates the brightness of skin complexion. Apply 1 knob of product on clean and humid face, neck, eyes and lips contour area.
  3. New Entry: EGF Cellular Activating Serum from Brand Bio Effect: Restores your skin’s natural glow and youthful appearance. It contains EGF, a cellular activator natural to human skin, which stimulates the skin’s ability to renew itself. Made in Iceland. Very few Ingredients on its formulation. Eco Sustainable Beauty Product.
  4. Nutrigen Illuminating Lenitive Toner from Brand Chenot.
  5. Revitalizing Anti-Age Face Cream from Brand Proglyme.

Once a week, usually on Sundays: Regenage Advanced Lifting Mask from Brand Chenot.

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