Beauty Routine- Make Up Foundation

Every morning, after my daily  Beauty Routine, I prepare my face like a painter would prepares a canvas. I apply a good foundation that not only will unify the color of my face and cover some my flaws but also protects me from the streets impurities.
When I buy a new Primer or Foundation, I usually first try it on one side of my face, never on the hand or forearm because they don’t have the same color or texture of my face. It is important to have one for winter when your skin is of a lighter shade and one for summer. And always remember to apply it on your neck to even the color with the one on the face. Don’t apply more foundation on areas with little stains or pimples since that will only intensify them even more, for that you should use special concealer that you can find everywhere. I apply the foundation usually with a thin brush, which I usually wash every time I put make up on, so my brushes are maintained free of germs and bacteria. Depending on the occasion I decide which foundation I’m going to use, this Primer by Arbone is of excellent quality because it is a product made with vegetable bases, but can be bought only online 
At the end, for a more natural finish, I apply different powder shades.

by Anna Galavis  @annacgalavis

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