EGF Cellular Activators on Bioeffect Serums

Our skin talks, it reveals how much we have laughed, cried, smoked and suntanned. However, thanks to the evolution of biotechnology, today we can have amazing anti-age skin care brands using cellular activators also for our skin cells. The key ingredient of the Brand BIOEFFECT is the EGF (Epidermic Growth Factor) that helps to activate cells regeneration by speeding healing processes and stimulating the creation of hyaluronic acid, collagene and elastin. Doctor Rita Levi-Montalcini won the Nobel Price in 1986 thanks to the discovery of cellular activators. The star products of BIOEFFECT Brand are its Serum line, that are the first products using cellular activators similar to the ones of human skin having a vegetal origin (coming from barely thanks to a biotechnology process that guarantees the maximum purity, activity and stability). BIOEFFECT Serums are very innovative products that give to skin numerous benefits like reinforcing and regenerating our skin cells, and correcting skin damages. These Serums are the perfect component to add in any Beauty Routine to maximize skin health!

Antonella Mandelli

by Antonella Mandelli,

Beauty Concept Founder


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