Makeup Strategy for a Daily Natural Look

My daily Makeup Look has to match the several outfits I wear during the day.  My morning makeup has to be quick and simple (max 5 minutes) because as every mom knows…is the busiest part of the day! However, Makeup Look has to be Natural yet versatile, because if I have to change Lips color I probably won’t have time to remove previous make-up and do it again…So yes, I highly prize practical and functional Makeup strategies! After trying several times, I have come out with the following strategy:

  • The choice of your Makeup Foundation: This is strategical. Choose a makeup foundation that matches your lifestyle as well as your skin type. If you work the whole day and you live in a warm country, avoid liquid makeup foundation. If you have extremely dry skin avoid powder makeup foundation. Don’t over charge your skin, remember that your skin needs to breath to be healthy, so one product should be enough to maintain a nice Natural Makeup Look.
  • Makeup Palette: For every season, choose one makeup seasonal palette for a daily Natural Makeup Look (single eyeshadows are great for specific makeup looks like party look, rock & roll look, etc…). This will help you to optimize makeup timing every morning.
  • Brushes: Have a nice range of brushes. Never rely on the eyeshadows’s brushes that come with the packaging, use those one to retouch your makeup when you are out of home.

When you will do your makeup in the morning, first do your Eyes in that way you will be able to remove all micropowders that will fall on your face before applying your Foundation. Second step will be your Eyebrows. Third step your makeup Foundation, and last but not least your Lips. Soon I will share with you nice Daily Natural Makeup Looks that you can do easily and fast in max 5 minutes before starting your hectic day! Enjoy!



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