My Every Night Beauty Routine in Summer Time

Now that it has being a while I am testing the Skin Fitness Active Anti-Aging Cream from Brand Perris (new entry on my general Beauty Routine) I am able to talk about my every night Beauty Routine I am having in June. As I mentioned before I am very happy with the results with Skin Fitness Anti Aging Cream specially because having more than 96% of Natural Ingredients on its formulation I honestly didn’t expect such great results in such a short time! The whole Skin Fitness line is the tangible proof that Natural Cosmetics done with high technology formulations can be strongly effective! Following the every step of the Beauty Routine I am doing every night on this period:

  1. Ideal Douceur Milky Water from Brand Carita: apply with your hands making a facial massage and remove with a cotton pad.
  2. Skin Fitness Peeling Lifting Anti-Age Soft from Brand Perris: apply on face with your hands making a 2 minutes massage.
  3. AQMW Repair Serum from Brand Cosme Decorte: apply softly on face and neck until total absorption of the Serum into the skin. Pause 1 to 2 minutes (I brush my teeth on this step…)
  4. Skin Fitness Micellar Water from Brand Perris: apply in face with a cotton pad and do not rinse.
  5. Skin Fitness Active Anti-Aging Cream from Brand Perris: apply on face and neck with your hands making the last massage of the Beauty Routine…and while doing the massage be thankful for the day you had…

Beauty Routines are important, but also the mood and the mindset you have while you do them are crucial. So, be sure that while you do your Beauty Routines the end result will also depend deeply on the dose of Love and Care you gave. While doing it, take the occasion to take 5 to 10 minutes to connect with your inner self and to be thankful for all the good and bad you had that day… because every experience you lived made you grow somehow. Enjoy yourself!

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