Regenage Advanced Lifting Mask from Chenot to Treat stressed Skins

Advanced Lifting Mask from Chenot Cosmétiques is the perfect choice to treat stressed skins in this month of transition and new beginnings. Formulated with 14 precious plant essences, this product is a fantastic high performance anti-age mask for face and neck able to restore density, firmness and vitality to the most stressed skin, giving the sensation of fresh tone and compactness.  Contains lifting ingredients that remodels and drains the tissues , immediately relaxing the lines. The facial contour is reshaped and the epidermis is rejuvenated. Last but not least, all Chenot Cosmétiques product formulas, active ingredients and packaging materials guarantee maximum levels of excellence and adhere to stringent ethical requirements that respect both man and nature.  Apply the product in the following way:

  1. Do your Night Beauty Routine, excluding the cream.
  2. Apply a thick layer of the mask to the face and neck and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Remove with a cotton pad.
  3. Repeat this Anti-Age Treatment twice a week. I personally do it on Wednesdays (the middle of the week) and Sundays (to start the week at best!)

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