Rose Water – Oldest Beauty Secret

Rose water contains in its essence the Oldest Beauty Secrets in history. It is obtained from Rose petals and distilled water that when combined and heated, results in a wonderful skin cosmetic. Indian women used to use it to rejuvenate; because of its high content of vitamins C, B and E it synthesizes collagen, protects against aging, softens stretch marks, blemishes, wrinkles and is an excellent tonic. It has antibacterial and healing properties, it is excellent for cleaning wounds and for skin care. Getting up every morning and routinely wash our face with rose water helps reduce inflammation and especially those annoying early morning dark circle.  

Recipe to make your own rosewater

3 roses from which we will extract the petals
1/2 liter of distilled water  Cook the petals in the distilled water for 2 hours on low heat carefully covering them well. At this point turn off the heat, cover the container and let marinate for 2 days, then boil the water for one more hour. Once it’s cool strain it with a filter or fine cloth and store in a glass container (previously boiled) for better preservation.

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