Skin Fitness Peeling Lifting Anti-Age Soft from Brand Perris

Skin Fitness from Brand Perris Monte Carlo is an Amazing treatment and for me it became THE step on my every night Beauty Routine. The product Lift Anti Aging Pelling Soft is a high performance natural skin care having 99% of natural ingredients dedicated to dry and sensitive skins. Microfibre extracts from the Rosa Canina plant give the feeling of applying a scrub and reactivate the brightness of the skin complexion through a micro stimulation of cutaneous receptors. Moreover, the formula contains Tocotrienol which is a stronger form of Vitamine E and helps a deeper penetration of the formula while providing long lasting actions. A complex mix of oil and butter nourishes the skin while the presence of Milrose Fragrance strengthens the anti aging activity.   The result after a while using this product wowed me: my face is glowing, nourished and soft like ever! Apply 1 knob of product on clean and humid face, neck, eyes and lips contour area. Bellow the correct Beauty with the integration of Skin Fitness:

  1. Makeup Remover
  2. Cleansing Mousse
  3. Skin Fitness: apply on face, massage for 1-2 minutes and then rinse. 
  4. Tonic Lotion
  5. Emulsion
  6. Night Facial Cream

Note: Brand Skin Fitness is the first Cosmetic Brand worldwide recognized by international organization SKINECO of having a total range coherent with SKINECO’s EcoDermoCompatibility values. 

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