From the Oil Rig to making Ecological Handbags

When a woman decides to start a family, she begins to rethink many things, especially when children arrive, motherhood changes us. Some are lucky enough to leave their work aside for a couple of years or more, or they begin to organize their time to balance work and family, while others look for a job they can do from home. This is the case of Ana Knoll, an engineer who left her boots, helmets and oil rig and began creating ecological handbags from home. This is how Artak Bags was born , you can choose the model and the colors of the felts creating your own unique piece, and you can even customize it with your initials. Her bags are 100% handmade with self-sustaining materials, she uses felt and novafiber, a material produced by recycling used clothes, and she never uses anything metallic. Today we interviewed her in our “What’s in your life” section so you could meet her and she could tell us her experience.

So,What’s In your Life?
-In my life there is People, Nature and Art.

What is the issue about life that really concern you?-One of the main issues that concern me is the lack of communication I feel amongst people and between people and their surroundings. I feel this has been a great contributor to the waste and destruction that we live in.

What do you think you can do to change the world?-I think being present in every moment and decision of our lives helps. Being responsible and selective of the products that we use and decide to bring into our lives is crucial. Asking ourselves: Where are these things coming from? Where are they going?What will they end up being? How do the affect our world?  These questions face us with reflection of what we are doing and subsequently demand the changes we need of the global industry.

What are you really doing to change the world?-I’d like to think that I lead by example by teaching my family about these issues and also by supporting educational programs that give people the opportunity to develop a critical conscience to partake in the challenges faced by humanity holding the responsibility of their actions. ArtAK bags are hand made with minimal machinery usage and made out of 100% merino wool. Wool is a renewable and biodegradable material. We have started to also use recycled textile form NovaFiber resulting in new Up-Cycled bags.

What is your mission in life?-Imagine, Create, Inspire. I believe that we can create a world where nature and humanity coexist in harmony, beauty and individuality.

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