Beauty Routine- Make Up Foundation

Every morning, after my daily  Beauty Routine, I prepare my face like a painter would prepares a canvas. I apply a good foundation that not only will unify the color of my face and cover some my flaws but also protects me from the streets impurities. When I buy a new Primer or Foundation, I usually […]

Memento from Magical Africa

How can I begin to describe the magic of Africa to someone who has never been there? How can I explain how fascinating it is the land where my Italian Grandmother, Fosca, lived and the belonging I feel to the natural world? Even though my brother Jean Paul and I were just kids, I can’t […]

The Anti Stress Adult Coloring Books

I grew up between brushes, canvas and the smell of turpentine that used to leave my mom’s workshop, painting was part of our daily lives. Today I discovered that a way to handle my Stress is coloring. Although Adult Coloring Books are not new since they were born in the 1960’s with the Pop Culture, at that […]

What’s in my life – I Choose to be Happy!

After loosing almost 5 kilos, having passed through so many nights crying and without sleeping, having had moments of fear and uncertainties, having lived so many deceptions caused by an unrequited love not at the level of my values, constant denigrations and having had the courage of taking painful but necessary decisions…Today I have taken […]

Turkish coffee

One of the experiences I really enjoyed when visiting my parents in their home in Istanbul, was meeting with mom’s’ friends at “Fazil bey” Coffee Shop in the area of Taksim. I have lost count of the fancy and elegant coffee shops around the world I have been to, but I felt such a bliss […]

Quinoa Pie Recipe

One of those products that have passed from the shelves of Healthy Food to regular consumption in supermarkets, is Quinoa or Quinua. In recent years it has become known for its high nutrient content. Quinoa is not a grain, is a pseudocereal that comes from the Andes of South America; there are three varieties: white, […]

The Lavender, it’s benefits

High up on the sun-drenched plateaus and hills, between heaven and earth all around the mountains of Mont Ventoux in the French Provence, the so called “Olympus of the Poets”, lavender grows in abundance and it lies there in all its majesty. I couldn’t help being moved by the beauty of these fields. This herb […]

Rose Water – Oldest Beauty Secret

Rose water contains in its essence the Oldest Beauty Secrets in history. It is obtained from Rose petals and distilled water that when combined and heated, results in a wonderful skin cosmetic. Indian women used to use it to rejuvenate; because of its high content of vitamins C, B and E it synthesizes collagen, protects against aging, […]