The Anti Stress Adult Coloring Books

I grew up between brushes, canvas and the smell of turpentine that used to leave my mom’s workshop, painting was part of our daily lives. Today I discovered that a way to handle my Stress is coloring. Although Adult Coloring Books are not new since they were born in the 1960’s with the Pop Culture, at that […]

Meet Contemporary Artist Gianluca Patti

“Opera Viva”, 2015 Sistema Acrilico, Gesso e Idropittura su tela 150 x 120 cm   Gianluca Patti is a young Italian Contemporary Artist that has an unconventional life experience toward Arts. When he was a little boy, his first draws were black spots. Black big and small spots without any kind of particular forms. Because […]

“Sirens” by Julia Krahn

Last Friday I went to visit Contemporary Artist Julia Krahn to her studio in Milan. I knew that it would be a meaningful meeting, not only because she is a magical spirit, but also because I went to see her for one purpose: To discover her insight about her touching work “Sirens”.  This visual installation […]

“BREAD WINE FLESH” by Artist Julia Krahn

I went to a Beautiful Video Installation from German Artist Julia Krahn at the Fondazione Stellina in Milan. Her participation at the exhibition “THE LAST SUPPER. Contemporary Sharings” with her last work “BREAD WINE FLESH” is an interpretation about the “Last Supper” of Leonardo. A Raven, symbol of Wisdom & Treason, is this time the […]