Yoga also with Children

Yoga has being in my life for about 7 years by now, and I have to say that I cannot live without it! I am not a Yoga teacher and is not my objective to become one, however I am very passionate about it and I love sharing my experience and what I feel during […]

The Arc Posture

The Arc Posture (Dhanurasana in Sanscrit) is key to strengthening the back. It also helps to tone the belly, thigh and arms. At a Spiritual level this posture works on the Third Chakra (Manipura) that is represented by fire and is located at our stomach level. An open Third Chakra allows to feel strong willpower, […]

The “Weight Loss” Program

The objective of this Program is to loose weight, and for that all cardio exercises are recommended. Approximative duration of this Program: 1,5 to 2 hours. Best Frequency: 2 Times a Week. Part 1: Yoga. Start with a Sun Salutation to warm your body. Repeat twice. Part 2: Jogging. Start Running, not so fast. The […]

The Camel Posture

I discovered the Camel Posture on my last session at Studio Pilates Atelier del Movimento. The Camel Posture works on the back’s strength, the pelvis’s flexibility and the opening of arms and shoulders. In the Spiritual level this is the posture for working the 4th Chakra: the Heart. It allows a total and natural flow […]

The Tree Posture

After a week having a strong connection with Nature this morning I feel like meditating on the Tree Posture (Vrksasana in Sanscrit): my fingers feet are like Roots that grow underground and connect with the energy of Mother Earth, my legs become strong and stable and my arms are raised towards Father Sky…what a Great […]