The Gastronomic Guide

My Favorite Chefs

Restaurants: My Personal Rank

Excellent Gastronomic Restaurants in Italy

  1. Chef Antonino Cannavacciulo’s Restaurant at Villa Crespi, d’Orta Lake
  2. Da Vittorio Restaurant, Brusaporto
  3. Dolomieu Restaurant from Chef Enrico Croatti, Madonna Di Campiglio
  4. Pomiroeu Restaurant from Chef Giancarlo Morelli, Seregno
  5. Restaurant Berton from Chef Andrea Berton, Milan
  6. Restaurant Antica Osteria dei Camelì, Ambivere (Bergamo)
  7. Restaurant St.Hubertus from Chef Norbert Niederkofler, San Cassiano in Badia
  8. Concept Restaurant from Chef Filippo La Mantia, Milan

Nice Restaurants in Italy

  1. The Papillarium Restaurant from the Àmati! Project, Milan
  2. A di Alice Restaurant from Chef Luca Mauri, Monza

Foodie Tales & Amazing Plates

Wine Tales

And About Pastry Shops…

Gastronomic Projects

* Photography: Cabochon Brut 2009, Monte Rossa

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