About Us

Winml Group Italia S.r.l. is the first Group in Italy that informs, promotes, creates and sells Conscious Luxury Brands and Lifestyle. We Import and Export Brands that meet our standards on quality and sustainability to deliver to the World a Conscious Lifestyle and we provide Business Development Consulting to projects we believe in to build local Conscious Economies.

Deborah Realini, Winml Group Italia’s Founder, created the company in 2017 inspired by her international experience. She has lived in more than 9 different countries from around the Globe and has had the opportunity to discover different cultures and mentalities. Thanks to this enriching experience, she developed a strong sensibility towards sustainable values in economics and the environment. Deborah studied Business Administration in Switzerland and after a working experience in L’Oreal she did a Master in Fashion, Experience and Design Management (MAFED) in Bocconi University in Milan. Today, she is in constant research to find the best way to make her own life more sustainable by integrating her passions in Luxury, Fashion, Food and Beauty with her  core set of Values and Principles.

Winml Group believes that the creation of social responsabile companies, sustainable logistic flows and the development of ethical products and services are the basis to create the next generation of Luxury Brands that will have a positive impact on tomorrow’s lifestyles.


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