BCP Italian Timeless Collection Fall 2017 / Winter 2018

The Italian Timeless Collection Fall 2017 / Winter 2018

The Brochure 

An entire Collection made with “The Fibres of the Gods”

Since ancient times, the South American Andean Mountains have been the ancestral home to the prized alpaca and llama, which pertain to the cameloid family (vicuña, guanaco, llama and alpaca).

Known throughout history as a textile only suitable for royalty and called the “Fibre of the Gods” as the Incas traded not in gold but in these precious textiles.

The alpaca and llama fibres are sheared from the animal, not sacrificing them.  As a result of this procedure, the fibre obtained from the animal is soft, light and luxurious with an unparalled distinction, versatility and quality.

The alpaca, one of nature’s wonders, has its fleece sheared and hand-picked in accordance with traditional age-old techniques once employed by the Incas.

Since the year 2500B.C., the fleece from these animals has provided shelter for the indigenous people of the Andean region.

These noble animals are blessed with outstanding properties.  They provide exceptional protection against harsh elements.  They adapt to sudden changes in temperature, thus conserving heat in below-zero conditions and creating a “chamber” of fresh air in high temperatures.

These noble fibres represent a natural innovation and alternative to the current fabrics since they are natural water repellents (the fibre contains lanolin), protecting the wearer from all inclement weather, making it truly thermostatic.  The insulating quality keeps the wearer warm in the cold and cool in the heat, baring a higher quality and durability than cashmere, mohair and wool.  They are also non-flammable, hypoallergenic and have a natural sheen and elasticity.

The texture presents an excellent drape, appearance and natural luster; maintaining its durability for a very long time.  Extraordinary tough and strong: it does not easily break, fray, stain or accumulate charges of static electricity and its care is simple.  The garments of cameloid animals are of easy maintenance: they do not peel off nor form anti-aesthetic fibre excesses nor pills like cashmere.

The alpaca and llama produce more natural colours than any other fibre-producing species.  There are 22 alpaca and 24 llama colours recognized internationally, including – unusually – jet black.

Due to these unique and embellishing characteristics of the fibre, the Fashion House of Beatriz Canedo Patiño opts to design and manufacture exclusively in these noble textiles of natural fibres.

The original habitat of cameloid animals is the Andes mountains, in altitudes of up to 5,000 meters above sea level, where temperatures drop below 30° C.  The higher the habitat the finer fibre it produces.

ALPACA:  The alpaca fibres, dubbed by Spanish Conquistadors as “The Gold of the Incas” is considered a marvel of nature because of its superlative characteristics.  It is the essence of elegance given its silky texture and natural sheen, lightweight and extreme durability.  This wonderful fibre is water resistant because of its natural lanolin content.  Finally it is thermal, because it can be comfortably used both when it is hot and when it is cold, thus allowing the skin to breathe.  The textile always maintains its beauty and requires a minimum soft brushing care.

Species:  Suri & Huacayo


  • Baby Alpaca: Silky, soft & very light.
  • Suri Alpaca: Long hair, high luster, ideal for very low temperatures.
  • Plush Alpaca: Short hair & velvety

VICUÑA: Internationally known as the goddess of natural fibre textiles, superior to cashmere, mohair and wool – like the alpaca –yet it is lighter and softer than its cameloid counterparts.  In the past, Inca royalty wore vicuña garments, and this textile was so luxurious that it later became very popular among the European monarchy.  Today, vicuña garments are very highly sought after internationally and the use of the material is, we can guarantee, permitted by Bolivian State environmental, wildlife and quality control institutions.


Species: Q’ara & Chacho

Baby Llama: Soft, light and velvety feel


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