How can I begin to describe the magic of Africa to someone who has never been there? How can I explain how fascinating it is the land where my Italian Grandmother, Fosca, lived and the belonging I feel to the natural world? Even though my brother Jean Paul and I were just kids, I can’t […]

After loosing almost 5 kilos, having passed through so many nights crying and without sleeping, having had moments of fear and uncertainties, having lived so many deceptions caused by an unrequited love not at the level of my values, constant denigrations and having had the courage of taking painful but necessary decisions…Today I have taken […]

The benefits of Maras Salt

Peru is considered to have the best cuisine of Latin America. My sister in law Fabiola has been living in Lima for the past three years, and while we where chatting the other night, she told me about the wonderful properties of MARAS SALT or Inca Salt (Maras is a town in the Sacred Valley […]

Eco-Disposable Cutlery for kids party

Even though there are many ways to reduce our planet’s pollution, unfortunately not everybody cooperates as they could, so it was a great satisfaction to realize that my friend Anna has been an exception. I took my kids to her daughter’s birthday party and realized how much we can do with just a little bit […]