MUD Makeup Tips

I went to MUD Makeup Designory Grand Opening Makeup Party last Thursday at Beauty Concept. For the launch of this fantastic American Makeup Brand, Beauty Concept organized a very cool & trendy cocktail where all the guests could have their makeup done by the best MUD’s Makeup Artist in Italy. International team was also present, […]

How can I begin to describe the magic of Africa to someone who has never been there? How can I explain how fascinating it is the land where my Italian Grandmother, Fosca, lived and the belonging I feel to the natural world? Even though my brother Jean Paul and I were just kids, I can’t […]

Quinoa and Buckwheat Gnocchi

In July, most of non working mums leave Italian cities to go on Holidays with their kids. This period is very intense and full of meaning as it’s the moment of sharing beautiful moments together! This July I am working and I have my children at home that love to help me with little duties, […]

Chef Norbert Niederkofler’s Highland Cuisine

Last week we spent a lovely dinner with friends at one of my favorite Restaurants near home: Pomiroeu Restaurant from Chef Giancarlo Morelli.  For 3 consecutive days, chef Giancarlo Morelli hosted Chef Norbert Niederkofler who is awarded with 2 Michelin Stars thanks to his impeccable, simple and noble Cuisine. His main source of inspiration is […]

Aromatic Water with Lemon & Cucumber

In a pitcher of water add the following ingredients to have a fresh, hydrating and delicious Summer Drink: 1 Lemon reduced into slides / 1 Limone tagliato a fette 1/2 Cucumber reduced into slides / 1/2 Cetriolo tagliato a fette 2 Litters of Water / 2 Litri di Acqua Prepare this fabulous aromatic water in […]

“When you are on the right path at your right time, everything happens smoothly and you’ll notice that you’ll experience more coincidences that are only but confirmations. Frustration, fear, feelings of injustice, are only messages to tell you is not yet your time”.

“Quando sei sulla strada giusta al tuo momento giusto, tutto accade fluidamente. Noterai anche che vivrai tantissime coincidenze che in realtà sono solo conferme che la strada è giusta. Frustrazione, paura e sentimenti d’ingiustizia sono solo messaggi che ti dicono che non è ancora il tuo momento”.


How to make a Dessert Unique

In Monza there is an unique Pastry Shop called “Duls St.Bioeus” by Pastry Chef Cristian Marabelli. At the beginning of this year I needed a special cake design for my Birthday. Everyone in Monza was talking about this delicious Pastry Shop where Cristian made exquisite and beautiful cookies and cakes. That’s how I met Cristian […]