The Anti Stress Adult Coloring Books

I grew up between brushes, canvas and the smell of turpentine that used to leave my mom’s workshop, painting was part of our daily lives. Today I discovered that a way to handle my Stress is coloring. Although Adult Coloring Books are not new since they were born in the 1960’s with the Pop Culture, at that […]

Turkish coffee

One of the experiences I really enjoyed when visiting my parents in their home in Istanbul, was meeting with mom’s’ friends at “Fazil bey” Coffee Shop in the area of Taksim. I have lost count of the fancy and elegant coffee shops around the world I have been to, but I felt such a bliss […]

Proper Eating, Prevent Cancer.

“Proper” eating habits could prevent about 30% of cancers that affect humans. It is known by now that the excessive consumption of fats, sweets and carbonated soft drinks damages the “micro environment” of our body and predisposes to cancer. Among the most dangerous enemies for the onset of cancer we can recall errors in energy balance, […]

After loosing almost 5 kilos, having passed through so many nights crying and without sleeping, having had moments of fear and uncertainties, having lived so many deceptions caused by an unrequited love not at the level of my values, constant denigrations and having had the courage of taking painful but necessary decisions…Today I have taken […]

The usage of Facial Serums

Thanks to Beauty Concept’s precious advices, I just discovered that Facial Serums are strategical for our Beauty objectives and I have tested a way to apply them differently to increase their benefits! Serums are a concentrate of Active Principles that keep skin’s natural water from evaporating. Their texture is water-based instead of oil-based like most creams […]

Pomiroeu Restaurant from Chef Giancarlo Morelli

Today I feel like talking about one of my favorite Restaurants in Italy: Pomiroeu. However, talking about this Restaurant without talking first about his Chef it would be like describing and egg shell…because the soul of the Restaurant is its Chef: Michelin Star Chef Giancarlo Morelli. Giancarlo is an extremely visionary person with a fantastic […]

Style Disaster

I had a “tragic-comic” experience last week that I am thrilled to share with you. When we shop for shoes we, fashion lovers, usually fall in love with these fantastic designs, heels, leather, colors and yeah…Ribbons! We think that everything that we love will be just perfect for us…Well my dear fashion lovers…not everything that […]