Dinner Chez Da Vittorio

Going Chez Da Vittorio for Dinner is like entering in a Dream. Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere you have two big doors opening in a Magical Garden with a beautiful lightened trail riding you to a Wonderful House on the top of hill. You are always welcomed by elegant gentlemen who accompany you until […]

Delicious Brownies Lactose-Free

Àmati Nutrition is an amazing and visionary young Startup company having the objective of educating on Food Therapy by developing Healthy Recipes all validated by a strong network of Doctors. At their Restaurant Papillarium in Milan is possible to taste a wide range of Healthy plates and pastry and they provide home delivery services, consultancy […]

Oats and Pear with Cannella

Happily back into my kitchen, every Saturday morning I take my time to try new Healthy Recipes. As since last Tuesday I am having problems to sleep due to over excitement and anxiety, I decided this morning to make a concentration of Oats. Experts strongly promote Oats on Breakfast time thanks to the great benefits […]

Feeling So Thankful and Blessed

Dear Readers, I am extremely happy and thrilled to announce you that Whatsinmylife has being selected to be part of the Alpha Class of 2015 at the Web Summit in Dublin!!! The Web Summit is the largest Tech’s Startup conference in the World where companies like Uber, FanDuel, SilentCircle and Hello Fresh among other amazing […]

In Vino Veritas

Wine has the incredible capacity to make you live several different feelings while you are tasting it…because as flavors and scents change, so do your feelings. Last week end I had a beautiful and meaningful experience with a divine Chateau Mont-Redon 2006 from Chateauneuf Du Pape. After letting the wine breath for a while I […]