Happy 2016!!!

Dear Readers, It’s the beginning of a New Year and this only means other 365 days of New Opportunities! I wish you all: Work out for yourself and wellbeing and not only to please others…Never Give Up! Heal your soul…real Beauty comes from the inside. Art: integrate emotions in your life and open your mind to […]

We Only Live Once

My Dear Readers, This year, for the first time of my life, I am starting the Magical Month of December in “No Thoughts Mode”. Several important events that happened in the past month forced me to have a deeper look into my Inner Self and to Reset some important aspects of my life. The threat […]

Sweet Melancholy in October

Colors are starting to fade…and Fall is like the transition to a new Stage. Warm air becomes fresher and colder, bright colors become darker and raw fresh juicy food becomes denser, hotter and sweeter. The mood for this October is a Melancholic Sweetness that after a Hectic September we need to know how to deal […]

Feeling So Thankful and Blessed

Dear Readers, I am extremely happy and thrilled to announce you that Whatsinmylife has being selected to be part of the Alpha Class of 2015 at the Web Summit in Dublin!!! The Web Summit is the largest Tech’s Startup conference in the World where companies like Uber, FanDuel, SilentCircle and Hello Fresh among other amazing […]

Celebrating Summer in September

My Dear Followers, It’s the beginning of a Hectic, Dynamic, and Busy month that needs to be held with “philosophy”…specially after Holidays that I hope were Marvelous for all of you! Unfortunately Holidays are finishing for most of you, but even though is the beginning of a new month it’s definitely not the end of […]

“Sirens” by Julia Krahn

Last Friday I went to visit Contemporary Artist Julia Krahn to her studio in Milan. I knew that it would be a meaningful meeting, not only because she is a magical spirit, but also because I went to see her for one purpose: To discover her insight about her touching work “Sirens”.  This visual installation […]