The Lavender, it’s benefits

High up on the sun-drenched plateaus and hills, between heaven and earth all around the mountains of Mont Ventoux in the French Provence, the so called “Olympus of the Poets”, lavender grows in abundance and it lies there in all its majesty. I couldn’t help being moved by the beauty of these fields. This herb […]

Moisturizing your Lips

A good moisturizing Lip balm with sunscreen has become an essential part of my daily routine, I always moisturize my lips before using a color lipstick. Many moisturizing lipsticks are colorless, but there are also those with a vast number of hues. The color you choose is personal and depends on the occasion, the season, […]

Natural Scrub with Manuka Honey

While all honeys are full of Antioxidants, Antibiotics and Anti-carcinogenic properties, the most impressive one for these qualities is MANUKA honey. Produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native MANUKA bush from which it derives its name, this special and wonderful nectar it’s very effective for eczema and acne prone individuals. When she was young, […]

EGF Cellular Activators on Bioeffect Serums

Our skin talks, it reveals how much we have laughed, cried, smoked and suntanned. However, thanks to the evolution of biotechnology, today we can have amazing anti-age skin care brands using cellular activators also for our skin cells. The key ingredient of the Brand BIOEFFECT is the EGF (Epidermic Growth Factor) that helps to activate […]

Happy 2016!!!

Dear Readers, It’s the beginning of a New Year and this only means other 365 days of New Opportunities! I wish you all: Work out for yourself and wellbeing and not only to please others…Never Give Up! Heal your soul…real Beauty comes from the inside. Art: integrate emotions in your life and open your mind to […]

Beauty Routine for December

Good Skin Treatments done during my Summer Holidays gave great results! In fact, until now, my Beauty Routine was basic and essential (take a look here) and did not need any additional products. However, Winter is getting colder and Ski season is arriving soon…and the need to Treat the skin is increasing! All my Beauty […]

We Only Live Once

My Dear Readers, This year, for the first time of my life, I am starting the Magical Month of December in “No Thoughts Mode”. Several important events that happened in the past month forced me to have a deeper look into my Inner Self and to Reset some important aspects of my life. The threat […]

COMUNICATO STAMPA: Deborah Realini al Web Summit Dublino 2015 con

Deborah Realini (Monza), fondatrice e AD di, è stata scelta fra migliaia di Startup internazionali per partecipare alla Alpha Class, il programma dedicato alle Startup più promettenti ed innovative di tutto il Mondo alla Web Summit di Dublino 2015. è la Destinazione Online che promuove un Lifestyle di Consapevolezza e un modo nuovo […]

PRESS RELEASE: “Deborah Realini goes to Web Summit Dublin 2015 with”

Deborah Realini (Monza-Italy), founder & CEO of was chosen among thousands of International Startups to be part of the Alpha Class, the programme where you’ll find the most promising startups from across the World at the Web Summit in Dublin 2015. is the Online Destination for a Conscious Lifestyle and a new way […]