Beauty Routine- Make Up Foundation

Every morning, after my daily  Beauty Routine, I prepare my face like a painter would prepares a canvas. I apply a good foundation that not only will unify the color of my face and cover some my flaws but also protects me from the streets impurities. When I buy a new Primer or Foundation, I usually […]

Moisturizing your Lips

A good moisturizing Lip balm with sunscreen has become an essential part of my daily routine, I always moisturize my lips before using a color lipstick. Many moisturizing lipsticks are colorless, but there are also those with a vast number of hues. The color you choose is personal and depends on the occasion, the season, […]

Beauty Routine for December

Good Skin Treatments done during my Summer Holidays gave great results! In fact, until now, my Beauty Routine was basic and essential (take a look here) and did not need any additional products. However, Winter is getting colder and Ski season is arriving soon…and the need to Treat the skin is increasing! All my Beauty […]

Beauty Routine for September

After a super relaxing Holidays in the Italian Dolomites taking care about my Nutrition, Skin and Wellness life, I can say I am glowing in September! However, having a beautiful glow skin doesn’t mean to stop taking care of it. Beauty Routines help us to prevent premature skin aging and allow us to age beautifully. […]

My Daily Beauty Routine for May

I just can’t go out from home without doing my Daily Beauty Routine and it’s shorter and faster than the Night one! Every morning I have my two little girls watching me washing my face and applying my creams, is such a girly magical moment…Soon some Beauty tips also for kids! For now, here is […]

Daily Night Cleansing Routine, April 2015

My Every Night Beauty Cleansing Routine for March with Carita: Ideal Douceur Milky Water, apply with your hands making a facial massage and remove with a cotton pad. Ideal Controle Purifying Cleanser, apply with your hands all over the face and remove with a facial sponge. Ideal Hydratation Hydro Vitalizing Radiance Lotion, apply all over […]