Eco-Disposable Cutlery for kids party

Even though there are many ways to reduce our planet’s pollution, unfortunately not everybody cooperates as they could, so it was a great satisfaction to realize that my friend Anna has been an exception. I took my kids to her daughter’s birthday party and realized how much we can do with just a little bit […]

Discover Moringa: The Tree of Life

You are not alone if this is your first time hearing about Moringa Oleifera…and most people doesn’t know its nutritional benefits. Moringa is a plant called “The Tree Of Life” (considered a miraculous plant thanks to its amazing properties on health), originating from Malaysia  and India, a tropical or Sub tropical land. It is a […]

Yoga also with Children

Yoga has being in my life for about 7 years by now, and I have to say that I cannot live without it! I am not a Yoga teacher and is not my objective to become one, however I am very passionate about it and I love sharing my experience and what I feel during […]