The Green & Detox Program, Day 8

Today was a hectic day, the launch of my Blog is very near so the amount of work is huge! It has being already 8 days following the Green & Detox Program. I notice several advantages like higher level of energy and an incredible feeling of body lightness! This “feeling good” sensation gives me as […]

The Green & Detox Program, Day 7

The first thing I did today was my precious & intense Jogging routine in the marvelous Monza Park. My results today were a strong motivation to run 12 km! For the super sportive people, remember to add powder proteins on your smoothies if you are following the Green & Detox Program before intense sportive sessions. You […]

The Green & Detox Program, Day 6

Yesterday it was Easter…I knew it would be hard to keep up with the Program at the Familiar Lunch…Even though I did my best to reduce damages, this morning I can see the consequences: swollen hands and tiredness, but the worst part are my results today. The only positive thing about not following this program […]

The Green & Detox Program, Day 5

This morning I woke up sooner than usual and easily, having a strong desire to do so many things! I have to admit that yesterday I followed perfectly well the Program, and today at lunch time I had a very light meal (tonight I ll have my Smoothie) ending the meal with a depurative Tisane instead […]

The Green & Detox Program, Day 3

Last night I had a fantastic dinner chez Ristorante Il Moro at Monza and yes I have to admit that I drank 1/2 glass of wine and I ate the Dessert!!! (which was Fabulous by the way…). However, even though I didn’t follow exactly what the Detox Program suggests my today’s results are Great! I […]

The Green & Detox Program, Day 2

Today I woke up having high energies even though yesterday I replaced two meals only with Smoothies and I haven’t slept very good last night! The first thing that impressed me was that for the first time I didn’t have swollen hands and I had also a very flat belly! Yesterday I did 2 healthy […]