Quinoa Pie Recipe

One of those products that have passed from the shelves of Healthy Food to regular consumption in supermarkets, is Quinoa or Quinua. In recent years it has become known for its high nutrient content. Quinoa is not a grain, is a pseudocereal that comes from the Andes of South America; there are three varieties: white, […]

Medical Routine – Food Intolerances

Food intolerances are adverse food REACTIONS that are not mediated, unlike FOOD ALLERGIES, by the IMMUNE system. They are classified, according to the different CAUSES, into 3 groups:-The ENZYMATIC, supported by the ability to transform certain substances by the lack of enzymes in our digestive system. The most typical example is lactose intolerance. -The PHARMACOLOGICAL, […]

The benefits of Maras Salt

Peru is considered to have the best cuisine of Latin America. My sister in law Fabiola has been living in Lima for the past three years, and while we where chatting the other night, she told me about the wonderful properties of MARAS SALT or Inca Salt (Maras is a town in the Sacred Valley […]

Discover Moringa: The Tree of Life

You are not alone if this is your first time hearing about Moringa Oleifera…and most people doesn’t know its nutritional benefits. Moringa is a plant called “The Tree Of Life” (considered a miraculous plant thanks to its amazing properties on health), originating from Malaysia  and India, a tropical or Sub tropical land. It is a […]

Happy 2016!!!

Dear Readers, It’s the beginning of a New Year and this only means other 365 days of New Opportunities! I wish you all: Work out for yourself and wellbeing and not only to please others…Never Give Up! Heal your soul…real Beauty comes from the inside. Art: integrate emotions in your life and open your mind to […]

Kale Chips by Àmati Nutrition

Dr. Ruth Freschman from the American Dietetic Association said: “Kale is by far the best Green Leaf vegetable in terms of antioxidants properties”, and yes, definitely Kale is a Super Food that can’t miss in our Healthy Nutritional Regimes. In the following Recipe created in the Kitchen of Papillarium Restaurant, Kale remains almost in raw […]

Dinner Chez Da Vittorio

Going Chez Da Vittorio for Dinner is like entering in a Dream. Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere you have two big doors opening in a Magical Garden with a beautiful lightened trail riding you to a Wonderful House on the top of hill. You are always welcomed by elegant gentlemen who accompany you until […]