Discover Moringa: The Tree of Life

You are not alone if this is your first time hearing about Moringa Oleifera…and most people doesn’t know its nutritional benefits. Moringa is a plant called “The Tree Of Life” (considered a miraculous plant thanks to its amazing properties on health), originating from Malaysia  and India, a tropical or Sub tropical land. It is a […]

Kale Chips by Àmati Nutrition

Dr. Ruth Freschman from the American Dietetic Association said: “Kale is by far the best Green Leaf vegetable in terms of antioxidants properties”, and yes, definitely Kale is a Super Food that can’t miss in our Healthy Nutritional Regimes. In the following Recipe created in the Kitchen of Papillarium Restaurant, Kale remains almost in raw […]

Delicious Brownies Lactose-Free

Àmati Nutrition is an amazing and visionary young Startup company having the objective of educating on Food Therapy by developing Healthy Recipes all validated by a strong network of Doctors. At their Restaurant Papillarium in Milan is possible to taste a wide range of Healthy plates and pastry and they provide home delivery services, consultancy […]

Wild Smoothie with Kale

My Recipe of this Morning Breakfast: 1 Hand of Wild Grass (I used Taraxacum) / 1 Manciata di Erbe Selvatiche (ho utilizzato il Tarassaco) 1 Hand of Kale / 1 Manciata di Cavolo Cappuccio 1/2 Apple / 1/2 Mela 1/2 Kiwi / 1/2 Kiwi 1 or 2 Dates / 1 o 2 Datteri A bit […]

Following a fantastic recipe that you can do with your mixer and ca be used as a full breakfast: 1 Banana / 1 Banana 1 Glass of Soya Milk (or the milk you prefer) / 1 Bicchiere di Latte di Soya (o il latte che preferite) Dates / Datteri Almonds / Mandorle Goji Berries / […]

Aromatic Water with Lemon & Cucumber

In a pitcher of water add the following ingredients to have a fresh, hydrating and delicious Summer Drink: 1 Lemon reduced into slides / 1 Limone tagliato a fette 1/2 Cucumber reduced into slides / 1/2 Cetriolo tagliato a fette 2 Litters of Water / 2 Litri di Acqua Prepare this fabulous aromatic water in […]

Detox Green Juice

Juice the following ingredients in your Slow Juicer: 2 Apples / 2 Mele A Handful of Spinach / 1 Manciata di Spinaci 1 Kale Leaf / 1 Foglia di Cavolo 1 Piece of ginger / 1 Pezzettino di Zenzero 1 Cucumber / 1 Cetriolo 1/2 Lemon / 1/2 Limone This delicious and refreshing Detox Green […]

Multivitaminic Juice

On your Slow Juicer, juice the following ingredients to have a refreshing and Healthy Snack: 2 Tomatoes / 2 Pomodori 1 Carrot / 1 Carota 1 Stalk of Celery / 1 Gambo di Sedano 1 Kale Leaf / 1 Foglia di Cavolo  1 little piece of Beet / 1 pezzettino di Barbabietola 1 Hand of […]

The Green & Detox Program, Day 5

This morning I woke up sooner than usual and easily, having a strong desire to do so many things! I have to admit that yesterday I followed perfectly well the Program, and today at lunch time I had a very light meal (tonight I ll have my Smoothie) ending the meal with a depurative Tisane instead […]