Quinoa Pie Recipe

One of those products that have passed from the shelves of Healthy Food to regular consumption in supermarkets, is Quinoa or Quinua. In recent years it has become known for its high nutrient content. Quinoa is not a grain, is a pseudocereal that comes from the Andes of South America; there are three varieties: white, […]

The Lavender, it’s benefits

High up on the sun-drenched plateaus and hills, between heaven and earth all around the mountains of Mont Ventoux in the French Provence, the so called “Olympus of the Poets”, lavender grows in abundance and it lies there in all its majesty. I couldn’t help being moved by the beauty of these fields. This herb […]

Medical Routine – Food Intolerances

Food intolerances are adverse food REACTIONS that are not mediated, unlike FOOD ALLERGIES, by the IMMUNE system. They are classified, according to the different CAUSES, into 3 groups:-The ENZYMATIC, supported by the ability to transform certain substances by the lack of enzymes in our digestive system. The most typical example is lactose intolerance. -The PHARMACOLOGICAL, […]

Natural Scrub with Manuka Honey

While all honeys are full of Antioxidants, Antibiotics and Anti-carcinogenic properties, the most impressive one for these qualities is MANUKA honey. Produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native MANUKA bush from which it derives its name, this special and wonderful nectar it’s very effective for eczema and acne prone individuals. When she was young, […]

Delicious Brownies Lactose-Free

Àmati Nutrition is an amazing and visionary young Startup company having the objective of educating on Food Therapy by developing Healthy Recipes all validated by a strong network of Doctors. At their Restaurant Papillarium in Milan is possible to taste a wide range of Healthy plates and pastry and they provide home delivery services, consultancy […]