Dinner Chez Da Vittorio

Going Chez Da Vittorio for Dinner is like entering in a Dream. Suddenly, in the middle of nowhere you have two big doors opening in a Magical Garden with a beautiful lightened trail riding you to a Wonderful House on the top of hill. You are always welcomed by elegant gentlemen who accompany you until […]

Delicious Brownies Lactose-Free

Àmati Nutrition is an amazing and visionary young Startup company having the objective of educating on Food Therapy by developing Healthy Recipes all validated by a strong network of Doctors. At their Restaurant Papillarium in Milan is possible to taste a wide range of Healthy plates and pastry and they provide home delivery services, consultancy […]

Enriched Casual Look

“When wearing casual style I love to enrich the Look with researched accessories to give my touch of Identity. I don’t necessary follow the Fashion Trends, but rather I follow what I Love and gives me emotions…that’s how suddenly all the outfit acquires a meaning. All the experiences that I will live that day wearing […]

Beauty Routine for September

After a super relaxing Holidays in the Italian Dolomites taking care about my Nutrition, Skin and Wellness life, I can say I am glowing in September! However, having a beautiful glow skin doesn’t mean to stop taking care of it. Beauty Routines help us to prevent premature skin aging and allow us to age beautifully. […]

Soft & Cozy Look for Rainy Days

“In these rainy days I love to feel soft and cocooned privileging Boyish Look to feel maximum comfort while caring a sophisticated Style. A Hat, specially in this season, never lacks in My Closet” “In queste giornate di pioggia adoro sentirmi morbida e coccolata privilegiando un Look Fanciullesco per avere il massimo del comfort ma […]