Natural Scrub with Manuka Honey

While all honeys are full of Antioxidants, Antibiotics and Anti-carcinogenic properties, the most impressive one for these qualities is MANUKA honey. Produced in New Zealand by bees that pollinate the native MANUKA bush from which it derives its name, this special and wonderful nectar it’s very effective for eczema and acne prone individuals. When she was young, […]

EGF Cellular Activators on Bioeffect Serums

Our skin talks, it reveals how much we have laughed, cried, smoked and suntanned. However, thanks to the evolution of biotechnology, today we can have amazing anti-age skin care brands using cellular activators also for our skin cells. The key ingredient of the Brand BIOEFFECT is the EGF (Epidermic Growth Factor) that helps to activate […]

Beauty Routine for September

After a super relaxing Holidays in the Italian Dolomites taking care about my Nutrition, Skin and Wellness life, I can say I am glowing in September! However, having a beautiful glow skin doesn’t mean to stop taking care of it. Beauty Routines help us to prevent premature skin aging and allow us to age beautifully. […]