Discover Moringa: The Tree of Life

You are not alone if this is your first time hearing about Moringa Oleifera…and most people doesn’t know its nutritional benefits. Moringa is a plant called “The Tree Of Life” (considered a miraculous plant thanks to its amazing properties on health), originating from Malaysia  and India, a tropical or Sub tropical land. It is a […]

Wild Smoothie

Fantastic Smoothie done with Wild Food Ingredients from Madonna Di Campiglio’s highlands: A Hand of Wild Grass / Una Manciata di Erbe di Bosco 1 Kiwi / 1 Kiwi A Hand of Wild Blueberries / Una Manciata di Mirtilli raccolti nel Bosco 1 Spoon of Flaxseeds / 1 Cucchiaio di Semi di Lino Macinato You can do this recipe […]

Smoothie, Red Cabbage with Oats

On your Slow Juicer in the “Smoothie”  Mode, Juice the following ingredients (you can also use a mixer): A piece of Red Cabbage / Un pezzettino di Cavolo Rosso 1/2 Pear / 1/2 Pera A Cup of Water with Oatmeal / Un bicchiere di Acqua con Fiocchi di Avena messi a mollo 2 Spoons of […]

The Green & Detox Program, Final Day

I have officially finalize the Green & Detox Program! I have to say that I never expected such amazing results & experience. I was rather expecting to have strong hunger pangs, energy loss and bad humor…instead, the overall experience was very positive: Better physical ability: During the Program I always felt a sense of body […]

The Green & Detox Program, Day 9

Great day working on my Blog Project and also finding some time for my Daughters and Friends! Results today are excellent, I am more than satisfied! The only but I can find is having some facial rashes caused by my organism’s detoxification process…but I am fine with it! Please remember to always made little healthy […]

The Green & Detox Program, Day 8

Today was a hectic day, the launch of my Blog is very near so the amount of work is huge! It has being already 8 days following the Green & Detox Program. I notice several advantages like higher level of energy and an incredible feeling of body lightness! This “feeling good” sensation gives me as […]

The Green & Detox Program, Day 7

The first thing I did today was my precious & intense Jogging routine in the marvelous Monza Park. My results today were a strong motivation to run 12 km! For the super sportive people, remember to add powder proteins on your smoothies if you are following the Green & Detox Program before intense sportive sessions. You […]